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    Helping businesses with a teaching platform learn how to customize the DivInspo template to create their own branded app using no code software


    DivInspo means Divine Inspiration and was created to inspire businesses to mobilize their teaching and training platform. Companies that teach don't just offer classes...they create spaces to share what they know and elevate their members' skillsets.


    For some, learning can seem daunting or like a chore. What if your company could change that? What if your company can inspire your learn and expand their horizons? What if you could provide your company members access to all the resources they'd need to be successful?


    Now you can and it's easier than you think!

  • Benefits of Learning

    See what the research says...

    Increased Performance

    Companies that provide training see significant return on their investment

    Stronger Organization

    Members are more likely to stay with an organization when the company contributes to their growth and development

    Learning Equals Happiness

    Access to learning helps members to be more motivated, engaged and determined.

    Organizational Alignment

    Businesses that teach and train encourage their members work together towards the company's vision and goals.

    Knowledge Sharing

    When businesses share what they know, it fosters an environment of better communication, understanding and cooperation.

    Improved Processes

    Training provides improved processes, better customer experiences, increased efficiency, higher levels of competency.

    Stronger Brand

    Your brand is made up of your values and your reputation. By investing in teaching, members will associate with your brand's culture.

    Competitive Advantage

    Bridge knowledge gaps by creating well developed training courses, thereby giving your memebers the advantage edge over others in the same field.

  • How It Works



    Purchase either the Be Inspired or the Be Creative package



    Let DivInspo customize the template or learn how to customize it for your business



    Publish and share your branded app with your company members

  • The Benefits of DivInspo

    See the ways we can help your business

    Always wanted your own app?

    Ever tried working with an app developer to have your own app built and were quoted $10,000 - $20,000 plus months of development work and testing before it would even be ready for use? Throw that worry away because DivInspo has already done all the work for you! By working with us, you will have a beautifully branded and customized app specifically for your company members!

    Get Organized!

    Company owners, admins and instructors usually wear many different hats and are often required to quickly transition from one hat to another. Let DivInspo help you to organize your courses, classes and lessons! With DivInspo, organize every thing related to your company's teaching and training platform directly in the app!

    What's Going On?

    Big event coming up? Class payments or tuition due? Time to publish the monthly newsletter? Need to make a quick announcement? DivInspo has you covered and is a great tool to help you centralize all of your communications, updates, calendar and events! You can add a feed of posts with pictures and videos or add events to a calendar to specify the time, date, location, and cost of upcoming occassions!

    Virtual Instruction

    Now more than ever, technological advancements and tools are making many things simpler. By creating a branded mobile web app for your company's teaching platform, your members can have access to virtual training courses. This a great and efficient alternative when in-person training isn't an option.

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    Deanna Stotler

    CEO and Founder of DivInspo

    I began learning various forms of dance at age 5. My mom would sit in on my classes and write down all of the steps and combinations from my instructor on notebook paper. When it was time to practice at home, the refrigerator door handle was my barre, the kitchen was my studio and my mom was my teacher, reciting all of the steps and notes she captured during my class. Many years later, I found myself with my own notebook, writing down all my lessons in sections for each of my classes and using those notes to teach my students.


    As an adult, I joined Corporate America and became a subject matter expert at system access management for one of the world's largest financial institutions. I learned how to manage access for thousands of employees and also trained hundreds of employees on systems access.


    DivInspo was inspired by my experiences as a student, instructor, and corporate professional. I wanted to create a tool to make it easy for companies with a teaching or training platform to share what they know with their members.


    "A rising tide lifts all boats." ~ John F. Kennedy

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