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    Are you ready to easily create courses, classes & lessons in a branded app?

    A solution is now available for businesses that provide training. It's easier than you may think!

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    Learn With Us


    We help businesses that provide teaching and training learn how to build their own branded mobile web app.


    This is done by using an app template with no-code app development software that businesses can customize for their company.


    A branded mobile app allows businesses to easily create courses, classes & lessons, assign members to courses, centralize communication, and share upcoming events.


  • DivInspo Features

    Check out the awesome & customizable special features below

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    Logo & Branding

    Add your logo, branding, themes, styles and customized designs

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    Company Directory

    Quickly access an active list of members in the Company Directory

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    Create a list and calendar of events to share the details for all upcoming occassions

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    Training Resources

    Easily create courses, classes and lessons and upload content to teach company members

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    Centralize Communication

    Post company news to keep all members updated with the latest information

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    Member Class Assignments

    Assign members to specific classes so they can access course content

  • How It Works



    Purchase either the Be Inspired or the Be Creative package



    Let DivInspo customize it or learn how to customize the template for your business



    Publish and share your branded app with your company members

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    Are you ready to begin?

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